Social Media for a Special Needs Community

Social media is a new way to connect communities, both on the web and off. It is an Internet-based tactic, to be sure, but by connecting online as well as off, we share more of ourselves and what makes us a community. 

facebook-logo The most popular tool for connecting in an online social network is called Facebook, you may have read something about it recently.  Membership in Facebook is at no charge at all; it is free to anyone who wishes to join.

With that introduction, I will invite you all to the Miracle League of Arizona group on Facebook.  It’s a place to connect in a new way, extend our community beyond the usual and to find out more about each other as we share ourselves, our experiences and our ideas for baseball in the special needs community here in Arizona.

I work professionally in social media and it’s application to business, so setting up this group was a natural for me.  I’ve recently been asked to examine how social media can be used in the non-profit realm as well, so this is one of the ways I find out how it works.

Here is the link – welcome to the social side of the Internet!


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