Reach 11 Opens – Fields Are Ready; Let’s go!

The City of Phoenix has opened the Reach 11 fields!  Whaaahoooo!!!

This brings the number of adaptive fields in the State of Arizona to 3 and I hear there a re still a few more to come – the YMCA is building one and I know the East Valley Miracle League is also working on one.

I was honored part of the crowd at the Grand Opening Dedication with about 100 other people and the reception was great.  I was inspired by the comments of Rich Dozier, Brandon Webb and Chad Tracy – each had a field named for them in the complex; the fourth field was named ‘Partner Field’ in honor of the organizations and people who support the Diamondbacks in their field building program – now at 26 statewide and growing!

As the ribbon was cut and the fans flowed into the facility, a group of players ran on to Partner Field and took up an impromptu game. 

The sign-up process to play on these fields is different than just filling out a form and mailing, faxing or dropping them off.  Athletes and Buddies may register online or in-person at any of these locations –

  • Beuf Community Center
  • Deer Valley Community Center
  • Desert West Community Center
  • Devonshire Senior Center
  • Longview Neighborhood Recreation Center
  • Mountain View Community Center
  • Paradise Valley Community Center
  • South Mountain Community Center
  • Sunnyslope Community Center
  • Washington Activity Center

A brochure is downloadable here.


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