City of Surprise – Thank you for the vision of the outgoing Mayor

Gene Udvare and I were able to visit yesterday with the outgoing Mayor of the City of Surprise, Mayor Joan Shafer and to make a small presentation to congratulate the city on their 2007 inaugural season, to thank her for the vision and support for special needs kids in the Valley of the Sun and for recognizing Miracle League of Arizona and our contribution to the effort.

CoS_Mayor_Presentation Our understanding, and the way she told the story, is that it was the Mayors Office who initiated the plan to build Dream Catcher Park. 

Over five years and many discussions and debates in the city council chambers over funding and focus, it was the Mayors Office who carried the banner of the field forward to completion.  Dream Catcher Park is truly the crown-jewel of the special needs baseball network in Arizona.

Miracle League or Arizona had contact with the Mayors Office in the early stages of the projects development; it was the very same HBO video that launched a thousand leagues that launched this field development effort and it was the same interest in benefiting the special needs community that saw both efforts come to bear in the State of Arizona.

Miracle League of Arizona continues to promote special needs baseball in the state of Arizona and we’re happy to have recognized Mayor Shafer for her vision, her support and her dedication in seeing this field made into reality for the special needs community in the Northwest Valley.


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