Miracle League of Arizona Announces 2007 Stakeholder Recruitment Drive

Click here for 2007 Miracle League of Arizona Stakeholder Recruitment Drive Flyer

Click here for a 2007 Miracle League of Arizona Brochure

Miracle League of Arizona is interested in promoting special needs baseball, anywhere and anyway it is played in Arizona.

MLoA_Small This means that if we can recommend City of Surprise Bambino Buddy Ball / Miracle League to an athlete, we’ll do so every time it is appropriate to do so. 

We’re doing so for the City of Phoenix in the Reach 11 facility as well and likewise, we’re interested in seeing a Miracle League of Arizona field built in North Scottsdale.  The Scottsdale Unified School District / the City of Scottsdale has already provided the land – it’s up to us to use it.

We’re first promoting the sport of baseball for the special needs community – and tonight at Dream Catcher Park, the reasons why came through. 

One of the athletes last year used crutches to PICT7138 move between the bases; this year he’s decided that the crutches are too much of a hindrance and has now, through sheer determination, begun running the bases on his own, without the use of crutches. 

His Dad has told me it’s what he said he wants to do, because of Miracle League – he wants to run the bases without the crutches.

Another athlete that has been with us since last season was always too shy to connect with players and coaches; now because of the socialization / interaction that sports promotes / allows / demands, she was just a little chatterbox tonight, talking to everyone and just beaming as she ran the bases. 

Her Mom commented on it tonight as they were leaving the field it was because her involvement in these programs.

CoS_Opening_Season_2007 050I’m not sure I knew all the benefits that came out of Miracle League when we started years back, but I do now – these kids develop physically, mentally and socially because of their involvement. 

I’m proud to be a part of it.

We want you, as a supporter of Miracle League to add your voice to ours – sign-on as a stakeholder today; fill out the 2007 Miracle League of Arizona Stakeholder Recruitment Drive form and mail / fax it in, send us an email with your contact information (name, email address, phone, mailing, etc.)  We are asking that you allow us to count you among the supporters of special needs baseball in Arizona.

Donate if you can, share your time if you can; What we want right now is your heart – your voice, speaking in unison with ours when it comes to special needs baseball in Arizona.


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