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The smell of the grass, the breeze on the face and a new season is underway

playball I received a note from Joe at the City of Surprise on the new Buddy Ball season that just got underway and he’s got over 74 athletes this year! 

That is just about 100% more than last year and very much within projections for a new league for the second full year of operation.

I also got to speak with Stephanie the other day and we have some new developments here at MLoAZ that are afoot – stay tuned for more details but suffice it to say it will mean a chance to move our mission forward.

She also informed me that the MLB Umpire Association has adopted Miracle League as a favored charity – we’ll see in the next few months what that will mean.

Lastly for this update, it looks like the YMCA in Maryvale is opening a Miracle League field! This is a great development – I am trying to get hold of the team over there to see if we can lend a hand.


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