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Audio About Miracle League

From our friends at National Public Radio (these are link to their site)  

AudioMarch 9, 2005 / National Public Radio Commentator Frank Deford says one of the best accomplishments in sports was the creation of the Miracle League, which gives every kid the chance to play baseball

AudioOctober 20, 2001 / National Public Radio NPR’s Kathy Lohr reports from Conyers, GA on the first Miracle League Field

Video About Miracle League 

Video – This video clip has inspired many, many people and their involvement in Miracle League.  It is an article that appeared on HBOs Real Sports in 2001 and features commentator Fran Deford with an introduction by Bryant Gumbel. (You will be connected to the video at Google)

Video – This is a very inspirational and beautiful clip distributed by National Miracle League with music by Enya. (You will be connected to the video at Google)

Miracle League Players / Field Photos

Many of the images used on this site are from the National Miracle League Association in Conyers, Georgia and other Miracle Leagues across the US. 

Media Inquiries

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