Ready to Play Ball – all across the Valley!

The 2007-2008 season is almost upon us and we know the athletes cannot hardly wait!

Last seasons inaugural season was a great turning point for the special needs community in Arizona – the City of Surprise opened the first ever baseball field and Miracle League of Arizona was proud to be a part of it from opening day through closing ceremonies and every practice and game in between.

Our mission is to support special needs baseball in the state of Arizona.  We would like every special needs baseball program to be Miracle League branded, but we recognize that the important aspect of what we do is support the development of the athletes and the community that comes together around baseball.

The City of Surprise has announced open registration for the next season (click here to visit the registration page) and while we do not yet have any details, we are expecting to hear from the City of Phoenix on the opening of the Reach 11 facility sometime in September.

Here are a few picture from the Phoenix facility taken just a few days ago.

8.24.07 8.21.07 Field 2 (2)  








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Dreamcatcher Park is the toast of the nation!

Front page of PRB magazine from July 2007Today I received an article from Parks and Recreation Business Magazine article on Dreamcatcher Park at the City of Surpise. They do use a quote from Miracle League of Arizona and attribute the idea to the national Miracle League Association and we’re grateful for being able to particpate in the inaugural season with them.

Congratulations to the whole team at City of Surprise – you have a lot to be proud of!

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I Love A Parade…

collage6.jpg…the sounds, the smells and the kids…

Pictures of the athletes from the 2007 City of Surprise Memorial Day Parade.

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More Pictures from Dreamcatcher Park

Collage of pics for Conner Pics postI received a bunch of emails with these pics attached; I believe they wanted me to share them with you – I got them all land uploaded them here for everyone to enjoy.

If anyone else has more pics, just let me know and we’ll figure out a way to get them to me.  Thanks!

If clicking on the collage does not work, use this link.

See you at the parade!

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2007 End of Season Blowout – Already Getting Ready for September!

Collage of pics from end of seasonThe end of season is here and with it, the a combination of relief, sorrow and anticipation; releif because Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights are back to spend with family and friends and for us, not having to drive 29 miles round trip at rush hour to be with the teams, sorrow because the community we enjoy in Miracle League is dissipating, but anticipation because we can see how the fall season will be even bigger and better!

The pictures tell it all but the final practice, the final game and the big community BBQ blowout after the leap…

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Ben Hits a Home Run! and MLoAZ officers seated…

Congratulations to Ben, one of our athletes in the City of Surprise Buddy Ball Miracle League – the first, over-the-fence, home run during our game last Saturday!  Whata’ wallop over the left field fence!

The Miracle League of Arizona, a non-profit, 501(c)3 also seated it board and elected officers after the annual meeting last month – this month we finished up seating the board and and the officers were elected.  The board / officers for 2007 are –

  • President Elect – Steven Groves
  • Treasurer – Chrissy Thau
  • Secretary – Cynthia Propst
  • Fundrasing – Jose Orozco
  • Community Liasion & Volunteer Development – Gene Udvare

Please let any / all of us know if we can help in any way.

Let’s Play Ball!

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In the throws of the first season… everyone plays and everyone’s a winner!

The games and pratices at Dreamcatcher Park are great… Paul Frie says there are about 35-40 athletes on the roster now and we get a great turnout every game.  Krissy Thau and Buddy Dunn have been the coaches, well supported by a decent team of buddies and Paul has been pitching.  Gene is running around like a wild man, helping athletes and volunteers alike.

Right now we are looking at these activities – athlete picture day and the end of season party.  Stay tuned and there will be more on each of these.

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